Bible Breakfast Club

The Bible Breakfast Club is a two hour program hosted by Brother Ron Miller. Focusing on news, views, Bible Q&A and guests. This program airs at 7:00 am (CT) Monday-Friday.

Latest Media - September 20, 2017
Bible Breakfast Club: Bro. Phillip Trent

The Unbroken Line

The Unbroken Line is a media ministry of Pastor Chad and Rachael Hayes, focused on building a bridge to span the generational gap. Heard on Box 2 Radio Network every Friday at 9am -10am.(CT) and replayed Fridays at 7pm - 8pm (CT)

Latest Media - September 15, 2017
The Unbroken Line

Cindy Herzog

Listen to past programs of Cindy Herzog or listen live on Box 2 Radio Network, Saturdays at 7pm CT.

Latest Media - September 9, 2017
Cindy Herzog Part 2 of 2


Brother Ernie Vincent

Brother Ernie Vincent brings the Word of God to our radio listening audience every Thursday morning at 9am CT..

Latest Media - September 14, 2017
Pathway of Jesus

Bethel Hispanic Ministry

Alonzo José Guanipa Leon and Diana Romero de Guanipa deliver the Word of God to an International audience. Programs broadcast on Box 2 Radio Network Saturdays at 10pm CT and on Sundays at 6pm CT.

Latest Media - September 23, 2017
Bethel Hispanic Ministry 9/23-24/17

Immanuel Ministries: Pastor Phillip Trent

Pastor Trent brings the Word of God to the Box 2 Radio Network every Saturday night at 8pm CT.

Latest Media - September 16, 2017
Immanuel Ministries

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